Trips around Thailand l with local tour guide Every 3 paying guests get 1 free of charge

with locals–local tour guide? Alternatively, a professional local tour guide

Wat PhraSing ChiangMai
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with locals–local tour guide?
Alternatively, a professional local tour guide

withlocals or with locals-a popular and highly effective phrase for promoting tourism and inspiring tourists to travel to see and experience things as locals do, or to travel with a local as a tour guide.

Who is the local guide or local tour guide?

Do you want to experience and see things in Bangkok, Thailand or elsewhere with a local guide or a local tour guide? The majority of tourists do.

Who is the local guide or local tour guide? Everyone can be hired to accompany or escort you, a foreign tourist, to see things around town as a local tour guide.

Who can become the local tour guide?

There are some universities in Thailand that join hand with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to organize the basic guide course for a period of time for those interested in becoming a local tour guide. The eligible person has to possess language knowledge and, for sure, not be disabled physically or mentally.

The course will be taught in a normal classroom with a real trip to inspect all related places with a trainer professor from the university and a well-known tourism-guru or some guru in a specific tourism-related field.

Is it better to travel or sight-see with a local tour guide?

Yes, it’s absolutely better. Why better? Many reasons are as follows:

  • Save your time, and you’ll be able to do more with your valuable vacation time.
  • It is easier for you to chat with locals, as a tour guide is like an ice breaker.
  • You will learn more about historical events, background, culture, and daily life.
  • Some useful knowledge or old stories that have passed through the mouth that you may be not able to find in any book or Google search.
  • With a local tour guide, you are inspired and get energetic to learn and experience new things.
  • Talking with the tour guide makes you feel less stressed during travel.
Where to get or hire your personal local tour guide?

If you really want to hire a tour guide to accompany your personalized trip and you have rental transport, then you can contact any travel agency. They can arrange for a suitable, capable one.

Another option is to discuss your customized trip with a travel agency and instruct them to arrange appropriate private transportation and a local tour guide.

In addition, tourists can book a tour program from a travel agency website that mostly provides a tour or trip including a local tour guide and transport, plus a driver.

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