Travelling and living with pandemic – – COVID-19 in Thailand

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Travelling and living
with pandemic – – COVID-19 in Thailand

Traveling is a must-do, a seasonal pastime, or a cultural tradition in many countries. But since 2020, the world has been struck by the pandemic COVID-19.

The tourism industry is the hardest hit. No one is allowed to travel. Most countries are locked down.

Up until the vaccines were introduced, hope was shining again. Smiling faces have been seen everywhere. It seems we all have a special energetic power to live again.

Anyway, the pandemic COVID-19 seems smarter, or like it possesses a genius brain and reforms itself to fight against the vaccine. Unfortunately (for COVID-19), its most recent reform status is to make itself weaker and weaker. Until now, it has posed no serious illness or deadly harm.

Together, most people are vaccinated. All over the world, people are working hard to reopen their countries and businesses, particularly in the tourism industry.

Unsurprisingly, Thailand is included, as most of the revenue comes from foreign tourists.

From the Sand Box Scheme to the present, on-going and popular Test & Go conditionsTest and Go Scheme, both are the pilot projects to reopen Thailand to world tourism.

How to plan your trip to go along with Test & Go conditions

The special Test & Go scheme that was for those who wanted to enter Thailand during the pandemic has already restarted since February 1, 2020. Some are Thais who want to come back home, others are those who want to continue their business.

Most of them are foreign tourists who are attracted and fascinated by the Thainess, nature, sea, sand, sun, and beaches along the coastal and some islands of Thailand.

If you really want to lie down on the beach, go to the island, snorkel, dive, or do adventure with water sports, you can fly directly to Phuket Island under the sandbox scheme, which also includes Krabi, Phang-nga, and Samui Island.

The Test and Go‘s condition may not pose any unease for those.

In contrast, when you want to experience Bangkok and neighboring provinces, one condition in Test & Go stipulates that on the 1st and 5th day, the tourist has to wait for the RT-PCR test result at their booked hotel (you book and pay in advance for the 1st and 5th day).

That might irritate your travel plan. To solve this issue, I have some recommendations as follows:

  • Firstly, let the local travel agency plan your trip for 5 days, 4 nights or less to experience things in Bangkok and nearby provinces.

    After you pass the RT-PCR test on the 5th day, if you need to see more or go somewhere else, that is your choice and fine to discuss with the travel agency or travel by yourself.

  • Secondly, book and fly directly to Phuket Sandbox. After spending some time there, you can travel anywhere you want, including Bangkok.

  • Or, keep waiting and plan your travel later after the pandemic is announced as Endemic, which most countries, including Thailand, are under scrutiny for some measures to cope with that and it will be announced sooner rather than later.

  • Mor-Cha-Na Application

What do you need to follow?

Social distancing, face mask wearing, hand washing with sanitized gel or alcohol are the general rules and regulations during pandemic COVID-19 in Thailand.

Including walking through the temperature check point whenever you go inside the buildings, shops, markets, offices, or when visiting any places such as temples, royal grand palaces, etc.

Download the Mor-Cha-Na application and turn it on at all times for the COVID-19 precautionary measures and to record the result of your test.

Hopefully, that will inspire and give you some ideas to travel to Thailand.

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