Sightseeing Tours in Bangkok and Trips around Thailand with a Licensed Local Tour Guide
Sightseeing Tours in Bangkok and Trips around Thailand with a Licensed Local Tour Guide

Private Tour to the Unique WW II Memorial Sites in Kanchanaburi with Local Tour Guide

Walking Trail to Hellfire Pass in Kanchanaburi
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With a local tour guide to visit the World War II Memorial Sites in Kanchanaburi.

With a local tour guide, take a private tour to visit the ultimate and complete World War II Memorial Sites in Kanchanaburi with us, Siamchon Holiday Ltd., Part. What will you see and experience?

In General

World War II Memorial Sites in Kanchanaburi Private Tour with us, Siamchon Holiday Ltd., Part: Typically, this tour includes an English-speaking local licensed tour guide (with a local tour guide, you cannot travel with a local who is without a licensed tour guide), private air conditioning transportation, and a professional driver, as well as compulsory travel insurance (for every travel company to provide to their tourists), even if you have your own insurance.

From the hotel where you are picked up, the local tour guide will brief you and recommend all related information concerning the tour, including general dos and don’ts when you are traveling in Thailand. Moreover, any of your questions could be answered.

On the way to Kanchanaburi and on sites until the end of the tour (the tour route). The local guide will show you or describe the places that you are passing by and visiting.


As a private tour, timing means the time when you can start your tour and the pick-up time from your hotel’s lobby by our English-speaking local tour guide.

For this 2.30-hour drive-distance tour destination, timing is more important to match with our destination time, such as time to take a train ride, etc. Typically, this tour lasts about 8–10 hours, and the suitable starting time is as early as 6:30 a.m. after your breakfast at the hotel, or you can order your breakfast box to be prepared and eat in the coach.

Tour route

After a welcome and pick-up from your hotel by our local English-speaking tour guide and another private driver, head to Kanchanaburi province.

It takes about 2.30 hours to reach there, and a short stop for unavoidable matters or a coffee break on the way is possible.

Kanchanaburi is in the north-west of Bangkok and is a mountainous, rainforest, and riverine province. Part of it shares a border with Myanma (formrly Burma), especially the well-known border pass “Dan Chedi Sam Ong” which means Three pagoda borders pass.

Not only has the province been well-known for its natural beauty, World War II Memorial Sites, the former ancient Khmer Kingdom-occupied city, and the discovery of pre-history human settlements, but there is also one of the best elephant sanctuaries located here.

The first stop is at the War Cemetery, the biggest one, which contains approximately 9,000 remains of prisoners of war who died of decease or were tortured during the construction of the “Death Railway.”

War Cemetery in Kanchanaburi
War Cemetery Kanchanaburi

After that, take a little walk to visit the Thailand-Burma Railway Center, or Death Railway Museum,

Thailand-Burma Railway Center
WarMuseum Kanchanaburi

which inside shows superb displays of the events that happened during the construction of the River Kwai Bridge and exhibits collections of photographs, pictures, articles, pistols, knives, other related items, and movies.

Next, a 10-minute drive to visit the River Kwai Bridge, which served as the inspiration for the film “The Bridge Over the River Kwai.” During World War II, 1942–1945, POWs built this structure.

River Kwai Bridge
River Kwai Bridge Kanchanaburi

After that, experience the train ride along the Death Railway, take a glimpse, and indulge in the natural scenery. Before we get off, you will be excited and hold your breath when the train gradually glides through the rails. The part where it appears the rail is clinging to a deadly steep cliff over the River Kwai.

Train Ride
Train Ride along the DEATH Railway

Train Ride
Death Railway Kanchanaburi

And finally, one of your happy times is arriving: the relaxing time together with having a delicious lunch at a local restaurant with a scenario by the River Kwai.

River Kwai Side Restaurant
River Kwai Side Restaurant

After lunch, go to the Hellfire Pass, where the big mountain was cut through to lay down the railway. The POWs were forced to work days and nights under the lamps, and with the sound of their hammers rocking, it symbolized Hell.

HellFire Pass in Kanchanaburi
HellFire Pass Kanchanaburi

HellFire Pass in Kanchanaburi
Hellfire Pass in Kanchanaburi

Also located here is a valuable POW museum that visualizes the events of the war prisoners at the time and a documentary movie about them.

HellFire Pass Museum
in Kanchanaburi
Hellfire Pass museum in Kanchanaburi

Inside the HellFire Pass Museum
in Kanchanaburi
inside Hellfire Pass museum in Kanchanaburi

Walking Trail to Hellfire Pass
in Kanchanaburi
Walking Trail to Hellfire Pass in Kanchanaburi

Next, go to Muang Sing Historical Park, situated on the Kwai-Noi River Bank in a square shape of about 1 square kilometer with moats and earthen rams surrounded by city walls in Laterite.

MuangSing Historical Park
in Kanchanaburi
MuangSing Historical Park Kanchanaburi

At the center, there were archaeological sites built in the Bayon Khmer art style, which were probably built in the 11th century, coinciding with the reign of King Jayavarman VII of Cambodia.

Finishing the trip? Then return to Bangkok via the countryside, and we will drop you off at your hotel.

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