First time traveling to Bangkok, Thailand?

Wat Yai Chai MongKol Ayutthaya
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First time traveling to Bangkok, Thailand?

Is this your first time traveling to Bangkok, Thailand? If yes, then that’s fine. Here I have some recommendations for your trips around Bangkok and the provinces nearby.

First of all, you may have already been hinted that Thai people are very friendly with smiling faces, which always attracts more and more foreign tourists traveling to Thailand.


In particular, the wording “Mai-Pen-Rei” is just a short and easy phrase, but it possesses a very gorgeous meaning that reflects the kind, generous, friendly hearth of the Thai people.

It is quite difficult to find a similar meaning phrase in English or other languages to translate. For me, the phrase “Mei-Pen-Rei” means “let bygones be bygones.”

For example, if you did something wrong against someone, instead of getting angry, that person will say to you, “Mei-Pen-Rei,” which is a wonderful gift from him.

Or you tell anyone “Mei-Pen-Rei” who has done something wrong to you, that is also much more wonderful.

Then, whenever you travel around in Bangkok or other parts of Thailand, try to speak “Mei-Pen-Rei” to the locals when the situation gives you the chance. Just speak out slowly, your accent and pronunciation are not the problem.

All will understand and wait and see the result. That might be one of your trip’s added values in Thailand.


Next, is the greeting. Thai people say Sawaddee krub/kha as a greeting whenever they meet, with the gesture of “Wai,” by putting their hand-palm together and raising them to place them on the chest, chin, or nose, depending on how old, how much respect you have for the people you are greeting.

  • krub (similar to Sir = men speak after sawaddee in English)
  • kha (speak after sawaddee by women, meaning “sir” in English)

“Wai” is also used when people pay respect and pay homage to the holy Buddha statue and other spiritual beliefs, including the highly respected monuments.


Thai Foods

last but not least, Thai foods are visually appealing and delicious, enticing everyone to try them. Food tours are offered everywhere by all kinds of travel agencies, with a suitable personalized in terms of timing, food, and where to eat.

Some dishes that are popular and a must-try, such as:

  • Som-Tum, or spicy papaya salad
  • Pad-Thai
  • Green curry
  • Red Curry
  • Tom-kha-kai
  • And the most rewarded dish is Tom Yam Kung, or spicy shrimp herbal soup.

Feel appetize?

Do you need a food tour right now?

Contact us and tell us more. We will help you get there.

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